Thursday, 3 November 2011

Where and How to Report Online Fraud and Scams

If you have been targeted by a scammer, firstly, please post as many details about them as you can in the comments section. This will help others who google names, email addresses and telephone numbers to see if they are being scammed.

Below are some helpful contacts to whom you may wish to report report scammers:

Action Fraud, this is a UK government department specifically set up to fight fraud.

Paypal; forward scam emails to If you find a fake Paypal website, report it to Paypal Customer Service Team

Gumtree; email Tony or Dave at

eBay; forward fake eBay communications / phishing emails to

Autotrader; forward fake Autotrader emails and phishing attempts to Forward fraudulent ads and advance fee emails to

Western Union; Call 1-800-448-1492 to report fraud.

Beware also Ukash - there are many reports of scam attempts using ukash as a payment method. The ukash website has no facility to report scams, but does recommend reporting them to action fraud.

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