Thursday, 27 January 2011

Government Auctions - Do They Really Exist?

Everywhere you go online these days, you seem to be bombarded with ads for "secret" directories of government and police auctions. But do these auctions actually exist? Well, yes is the simple answer, but before you start paying your subscription in the hope of bagging some "amazing bargains", do a little research first.
These auctions are far from secret, in fact, a good place to start looking is the website. There are two categories of items that will be disposed of by the police - confiscated stolen goods or lost property that cannot be returned to it's owner, and ex-police vehicles. Most forces send these items either to their local public auction, or sell them on Bumblebee, a kind of online auction similar to eBay.
The government, particularly the MOD use, and eDisposals.
So there you have it - a 10 minute Google search and the real government auction sites for FREE!

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